School to Work

In response to the growing need to ensure career readiness among high school students, the Newport community came together to create Newport High School's School to Work Program. The program is part of 

The new workplace education program gives Newport High School students an opportunity to learn critical workplace skills and gain work experience in the field of their choice. Students are encouraged to seek any workplace education opportunity or internship based off of their interests, extracurricular involvement, and previous work experience. Businesses that are interested in participating in the program are encouraged to contact Newport High School or the Newport Economic Development Office.

The Newport School to Work Program is supported by the Newport School District, Town of Newport, Economic Corporation of Newport, LaValley Building Supply, RoyMal, and The Lucas Group. 


How the Program Works

  • Applying for an internship similar to signing up for a class.
  • Guidance will direct the student to the school coordinator who will work with the student to find an internship that meets his/ her skills, interests and possible career path.
  • School coordinators meet with businesses to find a workplace that is a good fit for the student.
  • Assessment criteria is established and shared with the student and site supervisor.
  • Work site approval is gained from the NH Department of Labor.
  • Parent permission is obtained via the policy set forth by the participating school.
  • A student learning plan and reflection journal process are developed.
  • Students write a letter of interest, create a resumé, and have an interview at the work site.
  • Transportation is the responsibility of the student and their parents, and must follow the guidelines set forth by the school.


Newport School to Work program presentation